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GIGmate Guitar Accessories
gifts for guitarists
"Making Guitarists Happy since 1997"


Carbon Steel String Cutters,

2-in-l Screwdriver

5 Allen Wrenches
made in USA:
0.050 inch for Fender USA saddles
1.5mm for Fender MIM & most import saddles
2.5mm and for Floyd Rose
5.0mm long Ball End Truss Rod Wrench (Martin,Takamine and other Asian truss rods)
String Winder
with Peg remover
Led Flashlight
( 2 aaa batteries ),
6 Pocket String Organizer
, Pick Pocket™, Trem Poker
Guitar Action Gauge
/Set Up Rule (Stainless Steel)

Dimensions: 9" x 6" (closed) Weight: Approx 1lb.
Extra spaces are provided for spare batteries, acoustic guitar string pegs, fuses etc. (Not included)

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"Just the Case"
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GIGmate G1 :
The GIGmate is constructed from 600 dineer padded nylon, it's built to last and be able to suffer the "rigors of the road".

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The quality tools:
String Cutters,

2-in-l Screwdriver (philips/flat)
5 Allen Wrenches
(0.050inch, 1.5mm,2.5mm,3mm,5mm long), 
String Winder
with Peg remover
( 2 aaa batteries ),
Trem Poker

Guitar Action Gauge/Set Up rule
are secured and ergonomically laid out for easy access.

PLUS, your GIGmate comes with a six pocket guitar string organizer so you'll never have to hunt for those spare guitar strings again. You also get a Pick Pocket
for picks, business cards, and other guitar stuff and a Trem Poker

What's a Trem Poker?
The Trem Poker is for poking out ball ends that stick in trem blocks. If you've ever owned a strat, you know what we're talking about !

Pick Pocket

5mm. Acoustic Truss Rod Wrench
(Fits Martin, Takamine, most Asian Truss Rods and more)

Guitar Action Gauge/Set Up Rule (Stainless Steel)

The GIGmate string winder has a longer handle and is designed to sit above the tuning pegs so you don't hit the other pegs when winding.


Customer Comments

Just wanted to say thanks for a cool gift idea and great service. Every year I've been trying to come up with a guitar related gift for my husband. You can only give a guy so many T shirts, and this was about the same price. -
Sandra, Chicago

"I received a Gigmate as a birthday gift from my girlfriend, this thing is great...she's a keeper !"
John, Ohio

"I've been playing out for 25 years and the Gigmate has saved me at gigs more than once - everything's there in one place, thanks for a great product" - by the way, I had to order another one for my son who's learning guitar, so far I think he likes the tools more than the guitar
Joey D, CA

been a Jerry Donahue fan for years and saw your link on his website. Forget fancy gadgets, the gigmate has stuff you actually need
A die hard Hellecasters freak



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